PM Performance Coaching

Boost Personal, Project, Program and Portfolio Management Performance

You need a PM Performance Coach! Today, more than ever, Enterprises, Government Agencies and Consultancies need improved PM Performance. Note that most miss all the P’s: In our lexicon we consider four of them. Our PM Performance Coaching services help you maximize Personal, Project, and Portfolio Management Performance. Our experience is that one measure of every manager’s effectiveness is how well you develop the performance—and the resulting success—of all four of these dimensions in your organization.

P4: Portfolio, Project, and Personal Performance

We have offered our insights to our customers since the early 1980s, but only today are others understanding the benefits. Recognizing this need, we now offer even wider availability of our PM Performance coaching services.

Why? Today, the greatest growth opportunities lie in finding ways to improve your performance. If you are involved in Projects, Programs, or Portfolios, you clearly recognize the benefits of continually improving results. Our audience for PM Performance Coaching includes Executives, Project Sponsors, Functional Managers, upward-mobile Middle Managers, Project Management Office Managers, Project Managers, Project Teams and Consultants. Essentially, your entire organization, with varying “flavors” of service for each audience.

Do I Really Need This?
Let us turn your question around: Is your Performance in your Projects, Programs, and Portfolios as effective and successful as you deserve? Are your project managers and teams operating at peak performance? Do Executives, Managers and Project Teams have piercing clarity into your initiatives? Do they adroitly communicate opportunities and issues, and then respond in a timely way? Our work with hundreds of Enterprises, Government agencies, Consultancies, and key managers has shown that most organizations have the potential to improve their PM Performance by 2x, 4x, and more. How much could you benefit from maximizing your PM Performance?

Range of Performance Results

PM Performance improvements are within your reach. Here is a selection of your areas of opportunity:

  • Strategy-Aligned PM Investments that provide Return on Intentions (sometimes ROI, sometimes regulatory, sometimes other benefits), through more-effective Portfolio Planning, Prioritization, Management, with Operational-impact Evaluation.
  • Improved initiative Talent and demonstrated PM Competence—for all key Stakeholders—Sponsors, Managers, Project Managers and Team Members. How? With our PM Competence Assessment and Competence Development Planning.
  • Recognized and Certified Competence of Program and Project Managers, through coaching in IPMA’s (International) 4-L-C, the Four-Level PPPM Competence-based certification program.
  • Improved Contract Performance—for both Buyers and Sellers, ranging from greater Bid/Win rates, profitability and repeat business for Sellers, to far more value—and success—per engagement for Buyers.
  • Appropriate, yet low-overhead PM Governance, Transparency and Visibility, through better PM Methods.
  • Improved Risk Management with our Risk Management Facilitation & Coaching Services; great for each Milestone!
  • Successful-initiative start-up with Rapid Initial Planning, providing optimized project structuring, accelerated schedules, and effective use of Resources. Followed up with verified results, through PASS, our Project Audit Support Service (Will Your Project PASS?).
  • And, for the top-performing organizations, assessment using PRO, IPMA-USA’s Performance Rated Organization assessment. Way beyond maturity models, PRO suggests a Roadmap to improved PM Performance, with a Baseline Assessment and Opportunities for Improvement.

Why Coaching?

Good question. Effective classroom training can establish the foundation for improved performance. But training is only the first 10% of your performance improvement project. True competence development and improvement takes place in the crucible of the workplace. And that improvement depends on the right insights, the right reinforcement of your ideas, and the right gentle redirection, when needed. Many organizations have great internal mentors, coaches and advisers, who help nurture and boost that improvement. Our services complement your internal sources, and enhance their results in Personal, Project, and Portfolio Performance.

We offer four delivery systems for our PM Performance Coaching services:

  • Rocky Mountain High: You come to us. Not only does this allow you to focus on your needs, you receive very special personal attention. This commitment to your increased PM Performance yields the greatest return on your investment.
  • Onsite and Focused: One-on-one coaching, or small team interaction at your location— Worldwide. This delivery system involves wide-ranging interviews to help establish stakeholder commitment. It can also include large-group presentations, to build excitement for improved PM Performance.
  • Virtual Coach: Internet-based conferencing, most-often one-on-one, and (with sufficient technology support) small groups. For the best results, video cameras at both sites maximize our communication.
  • Facilitated Sessions: We have provided a range of Facilitated PM Sessions for years. Some are so powerful that our customers have sought non-disclosure agreements to keep us from sharing them with their competitors.

Why Engage Us?

In hundreds of engagements we have helped our customers meet their PM Performance improvement goals. We serve Project and Program Management (PPM) application areas ranging from Insurance and Banking, to Government and Pharma, from Defense and Aerospace, and PPM-related Consultancies large, medium and small. Our efforts with Project Teams, Project Managers, Project Management Offices, entire Enterprises, Sites, Departments, Mid-level and Functional Managers and Executives, all show the results we offer: Boosted PM Performance.

Do you want to learn more? Contact Stacy by email, and challenge us with your performance improvement opportunities!.Can you perform, without your own P4 hat?

Where did our experience come from, such that we can offer these unique PPM coaching services? In the early 1980s, we saw the need for more than classroom training in PM. So, we followed up our workshops with PM Methods, and program and project-specific consulting and coaching.

Next, we clearly understood the importance of leadership and personality strengths in project success. Given that insight, in the early 1980s, we introduced innovative competence building in those performance domains. And, we saw the need for well-planned and well-aligned Enterprise Portfolios of large, medium and small project initiatives. So we introduced a family of size based, methods, and coaching in their use, to improve PM Performance.

Next, we coached our customers in strategic alignment of their initiatives. In some cases, we needed to help them develop a viable strategic plan–a practice we had specialized in during the late 1970s. We gained even greater results by adding our coaching in leadership and interpersonal skills. Finally, we added our experience in helping customers improve their results with our suite of PM products. Thus, our experience comes from over 40 years of Maximizing PM Performance.

PM Performance CoachesIncreasing Personal, Project, and Portfolio Management Performance