Learning for Project Professionals

Learn Project Management with us! Our Learning for Project Professionals is based on our unique PM Competence Model, and support IPMA’s Individual Competence Baseline. We also support the PMBOK® Guide, and the latest global standard on project management, ISO 21500. Our Learning is available for in-house offering only, so we can tailor the content to your methods and tools. If you want to learn how to be a more effective Project Manager, you are in the right place!

Enterprise Project Management (4 days)

Improve success in today’s projects by improving skills in Project Management techniques, while building trust and improving communication. We recommend this learning experience as a prerequisite to any quality improvement program. It includes application of a case study that provides practical experience with each project management technique. See our Enterprise Project Management outline.

Intact Team Experience – Enterprise Project Management

This a special version of our Enterprise Project Management learning experience. It combines key customer and Information Technology team members in a session that focuses on their current project. In addition to providing a common structure, vocabulary and approach, the class builds a stronger, even more-effective team. It often provides more project progress than if the participants were not in class! The course outline is the same as the Enterprise Project Management workshop, above.

Project Management Tools ‘N Techniques (3 days)

This three-day PM learning experience concentrates on the tools and techniques that help your teams achieve successful projects. Case exercises emphasize low-effort, high information methods to plan, estimate, schedule, and track the activities of a project. See our Project Management Tools ‘N Techniques outline.

Learning for Project Professionals in Information Technology

Software Cost Estimating (2 or 3 days)

Before you can manage a project, you must estimate it. The better the estimates, the better will be your ability as Project Manager to plan and schedule project tasks. This workshop provides hands-on application of statistical and algorithmic approaches to early project estimating. Of special note are optional modules in this session, including an introduction to Results-Oriented, or Product Point Estimating. See our Software Cost Estimating outline.

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