EXPO™: EXpert PmO Coaching!

EXpert PmO Coaching: Expose yourself to better results!

Does your PMO get you the results you deserve?

Our EXpert PmO Coaching helps you establish, expand or enhance your Project Management Office.

What is a Project Management Office? Anything you want it to be! The answer depends on your needs: Your Project Management Office can assume a variety of roles, but to get maximum benefit, it must be tailored to your objectives, structure and culture. It is better to start small, and grow functions gradually.

Here are ten categories of services EXpert PmO Coaching could support; each has its business benefits:

  • Project Planning Support
  • Appropriate Project Approach: Agile, or Traditional Information Engineering
  • Project Audit
  • Project Control Support
  • Project Team Support
  • Project Management Skills Development
  • Project Manager Competence Assessment
  • Project Management Tools Support
  • Project Management Process Management
  • Project Manager Contracting
  • Executive Information Support

How EXpert PmO Coaching Works For You

Step 1: Assess Needs
We begin with our detailed checklist of functions a Project Management Office can support. The functions are organized according to the list above. Here is an example of the details for just one of our 10 categories:

Project Planning Support

  1. Kick-off projects with Rapid Initial Planning
  2. Provide estimating consulting
  3. Determine the most-effective project approach
  4. Store and tune reusable templates
  5. Retrieve and share lessons learned
  6. Maintain metrics

To complete this step, you select the functions that will provide your organization with the greatest value, then we help you assess the ease of implementation.

Step 2: Develop Implementation Plan
After you select the functions you wish to implement or improve, we’ll develop an implementation plan. This plan may include search and acquisition of project management products, methods, or tools. It also often includes coaching, additional Learning, or project-specific consulting services.

Step 3: Implement
During your EXPO Implementation, we can support you through coaching, training, consulting, or our in-depth In-Residence program.

Step 4: Evaluate
The job’s not over until you evaluate your results. This step generally identifies the success of the effort, and follow-on opportunities for improvement in your Project Management Office.

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