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Our clients rely on our project management methods and services to improve their business results. And, you can benefit from them, too!

Small Project GuideThe Small Project Guide
Don’t just do your small projects, manage them with our unique methods! This method for small projects helps you more effectively manage the stealthy, unrecognized portion of your project portfolio.
quest_smQuest For Better Estimates
End your Quest successfully: Use our Quest product to apply multiple Information Technology estimating methods, to get better estimates, better traceability, and better actuals.

PM Performance Coaching
We now offer wider availability of our PM Performance coaching services. If you are involved in Portfolios or Projects, you clearly recognize the benefits of continually improved PM Performance.

Rapid Initial Planning

Our facilitated Project Kick-off sessions speed planning, reduce risk, and improve team and Executive commitment to your project’s critical success factors.

Workshop Licensing and Facilitator Coaching
We can coach and license your staff to teach our Project Management Learning experiences in-house. Why develop your own PM Learning, when you can license our Learning for improved PM Skills, Competence and Performance?

PM CompModel helps improve PM Competence and Performance!

Competent as a Project Manager? Our PM Competence Model assessment services help you assess the Competences that your Project Managers and key stakeholders require. You then establish a Competence Development Plan for each stakeholders’ improved PM Performance.

Additional Services:
MethodsBus: Are Your PM Methods Effective? Get On The Bus!
EXPO: How Expert is Your PMO? Find out how make it happen!
PASS: Project Audit Support Service

The PM Performance Coaches
Increasing Personal, Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Performance