Executive & Management Sessions

Our Executive Sessions help you improve your organization’s project success. In fact, most of our clients find that managers, from top-level Executives down to first-level Managers, hold the key to an easy of doubling of measured performance. That improvement is in addition to foundational competence-building for project managers, project team members, and the Project Management Office. We identify the essential application of appropriate policies, processes, and tools, and improved communication throughout the organization.

In all organizations, the project competences demonstrated by managers above the project team are essential. They can be either a boost, or a roadblock, to team performance. Our management overviews and workshops empower your organization to reap the benefits from your project teams.

Executive Overview: Managing the Successful Project Climate     2 hours

We tailor this Overview to provide your key managers and executives with insights that are most relevant for your organization. It provides an understanding of the steps managers can take to benefit from your investment in Project Management learning.

This Overview focuses on whats, not hows, including what questions to ask, and what commitments organizations make to maximize success. We develop different versions for different levels of management, from supervisor to executive. Go to the Outline.

Leading Project Managers: The Role of the Value-Adding Manager    2 Days

This workshop is much more than an overview, and is essential for managers of project managers–and their managers. This session builds upon popular PM practice standards, while also applying the Individual Competence Baseline (ICB), from IPMA. The International Project Management Association focuses on competences and business results. While consistent with other standards, the ICB moves far beyond soon-forgotten knowledge. Instead, it focuses on the factors and actions that can help Managers improve your teams’ Competence. Managers learn secrets of managing the context of their staff’s projects, while recognizing the importance of coaching staff to improve performance in their interpersonal skills.

Moving beyond single projects, we provide insights into managing multiple Project Managers with multiple concurrent projects. The outcome: Managers have a better understanding of the steps you can take to improve your organization’s project management. We identify the information you should expect from Project Managers, to improve project success. And, we suggest the actions for you to focus upon, to add value in every project initiative in your areas of responsibility. Go to this session’s Outline.

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