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IPMA Honorary Fellow Badge

bullet September, 2022: Goff Receives Badge

This month, Stacy received his badge, as: IPMA Honorary Fellow from IPMA: International Project Management Association!

The honor was awarded in 2015, and as of today, all IPMA Honorary Fellows are receiving a notice of this NEW badge, to commemorate their achievements. Congratulations to all!

bullet August 2020: Goff works with IPMA All Star Team on Certification Webinar

Twelve instructors from nine countries worked under the leadership of IPMA-USA President Joel Carboni, and IPMA-USA Director of Certification William Duncan. Their result? Development and and delivery of a unique and intriguing IPMA Level D certification training course. Using the IPMA ICB4 as the basis, we prepared 29 modules to support learners in developing the knowledge needed to excel in the IPMA Level-D Certification Exam.

IPMA All-Star TeamThe instructors are shown at right, starting at top-left: Stacy Goff (USA), Joana Rzempala (Poland), Miguel Carvalho e Melo (Portugal), Oxana Klimenko (Russia). 2nd Row, left to right: Tim Jaques (USA), Peter Milsom (Canada), Dr. Mladen Vukomanovic (Croatia), Bill Duncan (USA). 3rd row, left to right: Pau Lian Staal-Ong (Netherlands), Prof. Michael Young (Australia), Dr. Joel Carboni (USA), Vladimir Obradovic (Serbia).

The modules include learning objectives that are directly connected to Key Competence Indicators (KCIs) in IPMA’s Individual Competence Baseline. They include explanations and examples of the KCIs. They include sample exam questions, in both multiple-choice and essay formats. For those who are ready to learn, the Curriculum and sign-up process is at:

bullet July 2018: Project Management Review (PMR) Interviews StacyPM CompModel

Stacy Interviewed with PMR’s Yanjuan Yu, of Project Management Review Magazine, China. The topics included use of PM knowledge in Sports Car Racing. They also included the core qualities of a competent project manager, and of competent teams. And, we discussed our long-standing PM Competence Model, the importance of Product Talent, and how to “honestly” do more with less.

bullet October 2015: Goff named IPMA Honorary Fellow

Goff, Mori and Taylor receive IPMA Honorary Fellow award At the 29th IPMA World Congress, IPMA named Stacy Goff as an IPMA Honorary Fellow. Stacy (on the left) is honored with Roberto Mori at center (Italy) and Tom Taylor at right (UK).

Goff, Mori and Taylor have served in the four categories cited by IPMA’s guidelines:
a) Service to project and program management practice, our stakeholders, and society;
b) Contributions to the advancement of our discipline, through innovations, papers, and presentations;
c) Service to the parties’ nation (USA), and the national association, IPMA-USA;
d) Service to IPMA, representing project managers, and serving on IPMA’s Boards or committees.

Stacy thanks the IPMA-USA board, who nominated him, IPMA’s current Executive Board, who approved the nomination, and the Council of Delegates, who voted to honor him. He also thanks the many volunteers in the IPMA Family who continue to contribute to IPMA’s vision, both of which seek A World Where All Projects Succeed.

bullet April, 2015: Our PM methods go online

Small Project GuideOur most-popular project management and business improvement methodology is now available online. The Small Project Guide has been available for individual and organization licensing and download since the 1990s. It is now available for licensing and immediate online use.

The Small Project Guide (SPG) is our method for the small initiatives that represent most organizations’ greatest opportunity for performance improvement. You can learn more about it here on our website.

bullet December 2014: Stacy completes four years on IPMA Executive Board

Twenty five countries, thirty six keynotes or major presentations, over 80 meetings (in-person and virtual), and over 360,000 miles in the air. Thirty blog posts and articles or papers, over 40,000 emails, hundreds of press releases, tweets, LinkedIn posts; and four years of nearly-full-time volunteer service.

Stacy Goff--relaxing!

That experience is now all behind Stacy, as he continues to support his volunteer successors. The new IPMA Executive Board will continue our efforts to advance the global practice of program and project management.

This is no trivial challenge for our successors. Stacy helped establish IPMA’s Strategic Plan, and supported the development of IPMA’s updated vision: Promoting competence throughout society to enable a world in which all projects succeed.

So what’s next? Stacy continues to support the project performance improvement efforts of IPMA. He continues to serve his global customers through his consulting practice. His corporate, governmental and consultant clients continue to benefit from his experience.  And, now it will be a easier to arrange a consultation in his specialty: Improving project and personal performance.

Meanwhile, he is re-focusing on a number of open projects, including a range of project management books, for both professionals and educators. This project started in 2008, but was suspended with his significant time commitments to IPMA. He is continuing his articles and blog posts, and his major-event speaking tours. Of course, he will continue to be the Voice of Our Customer for IPMA.

bullet December 2013: Another year of service to the practice of project management

Stacy shares Periodic Table of Competence Elements, in Russia
Stacy shares Periodic Table of Competence Elements, in Russia

2013 was another year of adventuresome travel, as Stacy again carried the message of competent and performing project management around the World. He engaged in meetings and events in The Netherlands, Warsaw, Paris, Lima Peru, Wuhan China, Dubrovnik Croatia, London, and Moscow. In Dubrovnik, he served as IPMA World Congress Advisory Chair, in his role as IPMA VP of Marketing & Events.

Late in 2013, Goff also presented as lead Keynote at the Project Management 2013: Mission Possible! conference in Moscow, Russia. His Periodic Table of Competence Elements, showing IPMA’s three areas of essential competences (see photo at right) was especially popular in Russia, where Mendeleev originated the Periodic Table concept. This session was voted by participants as the best of the day. Stacy’s winning prize will require learning Russian: Two great books on Project Management.

bullet Speaking in the USA in 2013

Stacy also participated in key events in the USA. Those included:

  • Dick Rutledge’s famed Resource Planning Summit in Chicago,
  • University of Texas-Dallas, PM World Journal and Dallas PMI Chapter’s stellar PM Symposium, and
  • the PMI North American Global Congress in New Orleans.

Goff also celebrated PMI® recognition of the importance of leadership and interpersonal skills in project management. How? He presented a webinar on the subject for the PMI’s Information Systems Community of Practice.

His topic, Navigating the SSS’s: Engaging Stakeholders for Project Success, was among PMI’s most popular webinars to date. Over 3000 people signed up for the event. Unfortunately, the Institute could only accommodate 1000 people. Still, nearly 1000 people actively participated, in what some proclaimed to be their most-interactive webinar. The recording remains available at the Institute’s website (membership required). You can also see a pdf of the slides here, and you can see a pdf of the related paper here.

bullet December 2012: Goff continues serving IPMA-USA, IPMA

Five Greatest Challenges

In 2012, Goff was re-elected as president of IPMA-USA, and as Vice President of Marketing & Events for IPMA, International Project Management Association. In addition to coaching clients, consulting on projects, and performing training, he continues to support the advancement of project management worldwide through his speaking engagements and volunteer work for not-for-profit PM associations.

Goff performed the IPMA Keynote at the 6th PM Symposium of UTDallas/Dallas PMI/PM World Journal in August. See the slides for this well-received keynote session, Tomorrow’s Five Greatest PM Challenges–That We Must Solve Today. The keynote was also recorded, and is available on Youtube. This was one of a dozen 2012 events that featured Goff as a major speaker.

bullet goff-xianDecember 2011: Goff Speaks to a Dozen Audiences in Nine Countries in 2011

2011 was a very busy year for Stacy. He spoke at major project management events in nine countries during the year; many were keynotes. Countries or cities and events included:

  • the PMAN (IPMA Nepal) PM Symposium in Kathmandu,
  • IPMA Iran’s 6th PM Congress,
  • PMRC Congress in Xi’an, China. Photo at right, in Xi’an, China, thanks to Les Squires,
  • IPMA Festival of Knowledge in Ann Arbor, Michigan,
  • UTD Dallas PM Symposium, and
  • the AMIP (IPMA Mexico) Symposium.

Goff continues to serve the global practice of project management as president of IPMA-USA, and Vice President of Marketing and Events for IPMA. And, his articles and blog posts remain among the most popular sections at the IPMA-USA website.

Of course, even with all these activities, Stacy continues to serve the PM Performance improvement needs of our clients.

bullet December 2010: Goff Elected Vice President of IPMA Marketing & Events

The International Project Management Association is the World’s first project management professional association. Most people don’t know that its earlier name was INTERNET, some 25 years before the name was adopted for other uses. Goff’s role with IPMA will include broadening  recognition for the World’s only professionally-assessed Program and Program Management certifications.

IPMA is an international federation of more than 50 national PM societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. IPMA’s World Congress is one of the largest and most important gatherings of project management authorities and leaders each year. The 27th IPMA World Congress will be in Dubrovnik, Croatia in October 2013. Additional information about IPMA is available at

Goff Also Serves as IPMA-USA President
Stacy Goff also continues to serve as President of IPMA-USA, the USA Member Association of IPMA. A co-founder of IPMA-USA and active Officer and Board Member for over nine years, he was elected President in 2009. Goff will serve as President for a 3-year term.

bullet Goff chairs stream and speaks at 2010 IPMA World Congress in Istanbul

Stacy's HeadshotThe IPMA World Congress in Istanbul, in November 2010 was not only stunning, it was an event memorable for a variety of reasons. For example, the opening Keynote was by the Prime Minister of Turkey, His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Chairing a stream at the Congress means demonstrating project management skills. It includes assuring that all the vital signs of project success are managed for the benefit of the most-important stakeholders–the attendees and speakers. Goff’s Congress paper, Four Opportunities to Improve your Project Portfolio Performance, is available here on our website. A video of an expanded version of the presentation is also available for IPMA-USA members.

bullet Goff speaks at UTD/PMForum/PMI Dallas 2010 conference

Stacy spoke twice at the August 2010 UTD/PMForum/PMI Dallas Symposium; he also spoke at last year’s Symposium. His paper, Four Pathways to Organizational Assessment and Increased PM Performance is available here at our website.

Participants in the Panel included IPMA Chair Miles Shepherd, PMI Dallas President John Cole, and IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff. Their discussion covered the future of project management, with significant audience interest in the future of advanced certifications.

bullet Goff’s articles promote chapter 9 in PMI® Book, Project Management Circa 2025

As part of the promotion for PMI’s recently-published book, Project Management Circa 2025, Goff has written articles that expand on his chapter 9, Visions for the PM Software Industry.

Those articles include one that originally appeared at CIO Magazine, The Future of IT Project Management Software. The article has been republished at sister publication ComputerWorld, thus reaching a much-larger audience.

Another article appears in Dr. Dobbs Journal. This was interesting, because this is a developer-centric publication, and project management is a anathema to most developers. However, it was relatively easy to identify visions for the future that developers can appreciate.

bullet 2009 News: Goff speaks at PMI conferences in 2009

Goff spoke at two PMI Conferences last Summer and Fall (2009). August 13-14 Goff spoke at the 3rd Annual Project Management Symposium, sponsored by University of Texas at Dallas. Goff premiered his latest efforts to improve PM Performance, in Essential Insights in Meeting the Rising Demand for PM Performance. Goff also spoke on a panel, together with Veikko Vallia, Secretary General of IPMA, and with David Pells, Editor of PM World Journal, about the Future of Project Management.

On October 29 Goff presented twice at the Milwaukee/Southeast Wisconsin PMI Chapter’s Professional Development Day. In the first session, Goff adapted his Essential Insights in Meeting the Rising Demand for PM Performance. In a second presentation, he discussed his chapter in a new book published by PMI, Project Management in 2025. This presentation explored what PM Practitioners and Professionals must do to prepare for their future, based on scenarios from Goff’s chapter, Visions for the PM Software Industry of 2025.

bullet Stacy chairs session, speaks at 2009 Helsinki IPMA World Congress

Stacy chaired a Seminar Stream, PM As A Social Animal, and spoke on the soft-side of Program and Project Management in his session. His topic was Which Animal in the PM Zoo Are You? It was an exciting exploration of multicultural exposure to the soft side. The Seminar and Speech were also recorded for webcasting.

Balancing Stacy’s lighthearted approach to the topic was Dr. Ewald Krainz (Austria), who specializes in group dynamics. Dr. Krainz offered the latest work in the areas of styles and teamwork. To cap off the Seminar, Stacy and Dr. Krainz held a panel discussion to explore the subject further with the audience.

bullet 2009: Goff speaks, moderates Expert Seminar in Zurich

Goff was one of 50 Project Management Consultants, University Professors, Trainers, Certification Assessors and IPMA officials in the 2009 Expert Seminar in February. He spoke to one of his favorite topics, Improving PM Performance in the Classroom and Beyond: A Framework for Developing PM Talent in the Contextual and Behavioural Competences. He also co-moderated one stream of the session. See the photo of the seminar participants below. IPMA-USA co-founder and PMCert Chair Bill Duncan also participated; he is the one on the right in the white shirt.


bullet 2009: Goff featured on PM Podcast

Hear Goff’s interview about Measuring and Managing Project Quality, on episode #099 of The PM Podcast. The podcast is a result of his article with the same title, published here on our website.

bullet 2009: Stacy writes chapters of key PM books

Stacy has completed work on two chapters of interesting books. Kompetenzbasiertes Projektmanagement (Competences in Project Management) includes a 50 page chapter on Project Communication. Written by Goff with assistance from Dr. Florian Dorrenburg, the work has now been published in German. IPMA and Germany’s Project Management Association are discussing translating this monumental work to English.

The second book, edited by the late Dr. David Cleland, looks ahead to PM in 2025. Goff’s chapter covers Visions for the PM Software Industry in 2025 and Beyond. This book was published by PMI in Fall 2009. Goff has made presentations about his topic to chapters, universities and Enterprises, based on the book’s release. With permission, we have the chapter available here on our website.

bullet 2008: Goff speaks at 2008 IPMA World Congress in Rome, Italy

Arrivederci, Roma! Goff presented at the 2008 IPMA World Congress in Rome, Italy. The paper, Collaboration and Competencies in Business Development and Program/Project Management, was written by Goff and Howard Nutt. Howard is Executive Director of Business Development Institute International. The paper emphasizes the value of pre-/post-proposal collaboration between all the parties of an engagement. Those parties often include Business Development, Contract Managers, and Program/Project Managers.

bullet 2006: Stacy speaks at 2006 IPMA World Congress in China

Stacy presented at the IPMA World Congress in Shanghai, China. The paper, “Distinguishing PM Competence in Training and Development, Organizational Assessment and Certification” introduced the concepts behind PM CompModel. We have used this tool and process since the early 1980s, when we developed it to assess project competence for a nuclear power plant.

Now, we have aligned our newest version of PM CompModel to IPMA’s ICB 3.0, the IPMA’s Competence Baseline. We celebrate that achievement with an article, based on the theme of that presentation, Distinguishing PM Competence; read the article. IPMA is the International Project Maanagement Association, the World’s first professional association for project and program managers.

bullet Goff interviewed on PM competence in PM PodCast

Hear Goff’s comments on PM Competence and certifications on Cornelius Fichtner’s The Project Management Podcast, episode #055. Tune in!

bullet 2005 News: Stacy speaks at 2005 IPMA World Congress in India

Stacy presented a paper at the IPMA World Congress in Delhi, India. The paper, “Risk Management: Key to Project Intelligence” traces 20 years of industry-changing methods used in our unique Risk Management services. Read the paper.

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