Our Customers’ PM Success Stories

Our Customers’ PM Success Stories result from our PM learning, Project consulting and coaching services, and our PM methods improvement. The Success Stories on this page are a representative sample of those offerings over 40 years.

Aerospace Leader Manages More Programs Without Adding StaffAerospace

They sought our help because they had turned down $17 Billion in billable contracts in that year. They were not confident they could manage the resulting additional programs. Fortunately, this client was already trained in our competitive project management methods.

We set up a cross-program PMO using our ExPo program, reviewed their processes, and increased the consistency of program milestones and roll-up reporting. We improved cross-program dependency tracking and communications. Then, we standardized resource assignment communication and prioritization. The following year, Success! They added another $21B in contracts without adding any program staff (there were manufacturing increases, of course).

Big Eight Consulting Firm Wins More Bids, Profits More on Bids Won

Big EightSucceeding at one of the two actions in the title is easy. Win more bids by bidding lower. Make more profit by bidding high. To achieve both together requires a massive change in organization culture and executive commitment. This “Big Eight” firm selected us to help them achieve that goal. To do so, we reviewed and improved their estimating, bidding and risk management methods. In that era, it was common practice for consultancies to charge customers to manage their own risks: We pioneered a different approach.

Using our Risk Management and Mitigation services, we identified risks that customers should manage. Some potential customers were willing to commit to manage certain of their own greatest risks as contract exclusions. The result: our bids were significantly lower. Then we wrapped our differentiating PM methods around our consultant client’s Systems Engineering methods. And, we developed a custom PM Workshop for their Senior Consultants and Managers. Finally, we trained their trainers to roll out this novel approach worldwide. The outcome: Success! They moved from #4 to #2 in the Big 8 ranking. And, their newfound approaches transformed the way all major consultancies estimate and bid projects, and manage risks.

Leading Oil Company Improves PM Performance, Coaching Managers In the Middle

Big OilAlready incredibly effective and a market leader, this “Big Oil” company knew it could improve project performance. Stacy performed an organization-wide performance assessment. We evaluated the communication and action-effectiveness of Managers in the Middle. This was clearly a significant area for improvement. One action: We developed and delivered a series of 3-day workshops, Leading Project Managers, that had the unofficial title, “Up, Down or Out.”

In this workshop, Managers learned the vast repertoire of actions they can take to add value to every project they touch. Then, they identified how well they did so, for each of these beneficial actions. Those who could not demonstrate their value, had other job options. Those who could show their value, received promotions. The net result: Significant and measurable project improvement on all success measures over a three-year period. Another example of Our Customers’ PM Success Stories!

USA’s Shortest Program Saves Warship Building Capacity

WarshipYou have just a bit over two years to demonstrate a complete, end-to-end Product Data Management System. Based on our detailed program plan, we knew it would take more than three years. They had 12 IT staff; peak program staffing required, based on the plan, would be 60 staff. Even then, there was a less than 50% chance of success. What would you advise?

The consequence of failure is that they could no longer bid on contracts to build Warships for the US Navy. That made their decision easier. Stacy’s Rapid Initial Planning service, plus this company’s stellar Executives, helped make the difficult decision: to sell itself to a competitor. This well-informed, brave action led to success: survival of a key USA Defense capacity. All in nine days of intensive program planning!

Spreading PM Performance Throughout Brazil

Brasil--RioAfter our first two PM workshops in Brazil in the early 1980s, we met with the Ministry of Informatique. We presented the idea of turning Brazil into the premier IT Software Development outsourcing center. Their target audience: first, second and third world nations. After the first year of successes, this program died with the nation’s President, who died in office. His successor brought in all new government officials, and they cancelled the massive initiative.

We continued to return to Brazil each year to teach our Project Management Tools ‘N Techniques workshop through 1988.

A side note: Each time we returned, we brought with us a newly updated class. Our PM Classes always had 40-50 participants, and involved simultaneous translation. Ten or so of the class participants were consultants, who translated the materials, and taught them all over Brazil for the next year. The outcome: Over a dozen different industry sectors learned our unique PM methods over a seven year period.

Improving Performance In Mainframe Manufacturer’s Small Project Portfolio

Big IronIt started with a single offering of our Small Project Management workshop. Then, based on the results, it expanded into enterprise-wide adoption of our unique methods. The focus area for improved performance was the lights-out demonstration data center of one of the largest Mainframe manufacturers, running a dozen different operating systems, and serving thousands of online users all over the World.

Their small project backlog averaged over 800 projects at any time, with a completion rate, of over 30% of them per week. This client used our Small Project management training to “get a handle” on their projects. The result: increased effectiveness, faster customer-request turnaround, and higher employee satisfaction. Ultimately, they finally freed up enough staff to begin working on their backlog of longer-term projects. This action prevented many of their short, quick-fix projects that were spinning out of control. Truly doing more with less!

Increasing Regulatory Compliance in IT Methods For US Bank

Large and Small banks thrive in our success stories!The late 1990s was an era of increased regulatory requirements for banks. Most of them struggled with tight deadlines. We adapted our Information Technology and Project Management methodology to help this client meet its’ IT-based regulatory requirements in less than a year.

We kept the bank open in the face of shutdown threats rising from non-compliance. All without adding oppressive and unnecessary processes, as many similar solutions caused! Our IT development methods also helped their staff to deal with the massive changes in their processes. To us, managing organizational change is always a key part of the project. The ChangeAgents succeed again; yet another of Our Customers’ PM Success Stories!

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