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Present — 2012

12/2015 Video: Engaging Talent Management to Increase Project Success. Learn what you’ve been missing in your quest for increased success rates! A hit with the 2015 PMI Talent Management conference, and at an IPMA-USA 2016 webinar. You can get the pdf of the slides here. Get a copy of the paper here, Acquiring, Developing, and Retaining Project Talent: How the Right Talent Improves Project and Business Success.

9/2015 Video: Goff’s 2015 IPMA World Congress presentation, The Path to High-Performing Project Management in a Multicultural Context. It is available on YouTube, thanks to Les Squires! A pdf of the slides is available as well.
9/2013 Video of Webinar: Navigating the SSS’s: Engaging Stakeholders for Project Success. When presented, this was Project Management Institute’s most popular webinars ever. Over 3000 people signed up for the event. Unfortunately, the Institute could only accommodate 1000 people. Still, nearly 1000 people actively participated, in what many proclaimed to be their most-interactive webinar. The recording remains available at the Institute’s website (membership required), and you can see a pdf of the slides here.
8/2012 Video Keynote: Tomorrow’s Five Greatest PM Challenges–That We Must Solve Today is on Youtube. This is Goff’s IPMA Keynote at the 2012 UT Dallas Symposium. See the Five Challenges presentation slides here.

2011 — 2006

9/2011 Podcast: Goff participated in the milestone Episode 200 of The PM Podcast, The Number One Challenge in Project Management Today. His insights are in Part 2, at about the 16 minute mark.

1/2011 Webinar: Everything I Know About Project Time Management, I Learned in Sports Car Racing! Recorded for Iran’s 6th Congress, 1/2011; also see the original article.
11/2010 Webinar: Four Opportunities to Improve Project Portfolio Performance; from the 24th IPMA World Congress, Istanbul, November 2010. Recorded 11/2010. Presentation Slides in Adobe Acrobat pdf format
10/2010 Animation: See the Adventures of Broccoliman, as he and Project Office Woman team up to fight PM incompetence, and improve PM performance!
Episode 1, with The Secret Project Progress Report.
Episode 2, as POW and Broc explore PM Certifications.
8/2010 Webinar: Which Animal In the PM Zoo Are You? Exploring Social Styles in Project Management. Originally presented at the IPMA 2009 World Congress. Presentation Slides in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
2009 Podcast: Hear Measuring and Managing Project Quality, Stacy Goff’s interview, Episode #099 on The PM Podcast.
2006 Podcast: Hear The Project Management Podcast, Episode #055: What`s Better: Competence or Knowledge Based PM Certifications?

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