Get QUEST for Better Estimates™

questI’m Ready to License Quest — How Do I Start My Quest?

We offer Quest For Better Estimates in several different ways. You can license and download the Single-user version for $95, and the SixPack version for $295 right here!

Kansas, USA exclusion: Due to taxation of interstate commerce, we are not in Kansas any more. Sorry, we cannot accept payments from customers in Kansas!

Two Ways To Achieve Your Quest For Better Estimates

1. By Check: Download and complete our order form, for the Single-User or SixPack Version.  Send it to us with a check or money order for the selected product version. We’ll email you upon receipt including a link to download Quest. Then (for USA purchaser only) we will send you an electronic copy of the Quest installation. This  includes our Excel-based Quest For Better Estimates application. It also includes an Adobe Acrobat electronic copy of our Estimating Guide reference materials. We’re sorry, that for customers outside the USA, we cannot send you Quest, due to Value Added Tax and Customs issues.

2. Direct With Credit Card: Use your credit or debit card to send us a $295 or $695 payment for your order of Quest. When we receive notification of your payment (usually same day), we will email you a link to download the application, including the electronic copy of our Estimating Guide reference materials. Want to pay by credit card? Continue below …

Our electronic credit-card processing facility, PayPal, allows you to securely process your credit card payment. We use this credit card processor because it is secure, and we never see your private financial information. For those who are interested, this is eBay’s in-house payment processing center, and is also used by many other service providers.

You can pay through PayPal by Credit or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). To pay by credit or debit card, select the payment button below, then complete the transaction as the instructions direct you:

Q1: Single-User License,
Quest For Better Estimates: $95

Q6: SixPack License,
Quest For Better Estimates: $295