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Keynotes, Global Events, or Corporate Meetings

Young Crew EventStacy offers special one-hour topics for Project Management-related occasions. Those include World Congresses, Conferences, Society dinner meetings, Corporate Retreats, or other special events.

More than fifty presentations in major events around the World, in three dozen countries on five continents! Stacy has a deep understanding of the cultural aspects of successful projects.

In addition to the topics below, we have many others, based on our articles in that section of this website. And, we can prepare custom presentations that meet your special needs.

Keynote, Conference and Meeting Topics

Engaging Talent Management to Increase Project and Business Success
Today’s Most-Competitive PM Teams: Shining a Light on Next-Gen PM Practices
 Five Golden Keys to Innovation and Development Through Projects
 The Path to High-Performing Project Management in a Multicultural Context
 When and How PM Change Agents Add Business Value

 Navigating the SSS’s: Engaging Stakeholders for Project Success
 Tip of the Iceberg: Manage the Entire Iceberg to Improve PM Performance
 Balance Efficiency and Effectiveness With Actionable Project Information
 Revisiting Risks: Threats and Opportunities in Complex Projects
 Tomorrow’s Five Greatest PM Challenges –– That We Must Solve Today

 The Rising Demand For Competence in PM Organizations
 Four Tides Converge to Advance PM Competence and Performance
 Everything I Know About Project Time Management I Learned In Sports Car Racing
 PM Success and Decision-Making Under Difficult Contexts
 Close Your Weakest Links By Increasing PM Competence

 Tight, Inflexible Deadlines: Scourge of Projects
Distinguishing and Developing PM Competence
 Project Levers and Gauges
 Managing Risk Is Project Intelligence
 Small Projects: Don’t Just Do Them!

Of course, we can custom-prepare your presentation, based on other relevant topics from our articles, or our Change Agent blog posts. If you are interested, Contact Us!

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